First Buzz: 2016 Bowman baseball cards

2016 Bowman baseball cards
Arrives: April 27
Hobby box basics: 24 packs, 10 cards — one autograph

What’s buzz-worthy: It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — just add to it. And that’s exactly what Topps has done for 2016 taking the familiar lineup and adding Shimmer variation Refractors, a set of International Ink autos for July signees and a set of Sophomore Standout autos to capitalize on the successful arrivals of players such as Kris Bryant, Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa. Also new will be Turn Two autos where cards will be two-sided and showcase top prospects.

See a gallery and more … below.


The Basics: The 150 Chrome prospects will have Shimmers in Green, Orange and Red as well as a Refractor rainbow that includes standard, Purple, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red and 1/1 plates and Supers. The non-Chrome rainbow will include Silver, Purple, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red and 1/1 Metallic cards. (Most serial-numbers for these were not announced.) … Inserts will include Top 100 with Gold, Orange, Supers and autos, while the Rookie Recollections showcase the notable newcomers of 1991 25 years later — a crop that includes Jeff Bagwell, Chipper Jones and Ivan Rodriguez. Those will have Gold, Orange, Red, autos and Supers. Also to be found are Family Tree (father-son combos) and the Sophomore Standouts, which will have Blue, Orange, Red, auto and 1/1 Metallic parallels. … Autographs for the Chrome Prospects will include Refractors as well as Purple, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, the Shimmers and 1/1 Supers and printing plates. (Rookies will not have a Purple or Shimmers from that rainbow.) The Standouts autos will have only a Red and a Super. … The Turn Two cards will have a Gold and 1/1 Super parallel. … Also to be found will be Ultimate Autograph books (24 autos) and past prep All-America autos, too.


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