Topps creates bonus cards for First Pitch 5×7 baseball card sets

Topps-AlbaWhen Topps’ First Pitch insert cards arrived in 2015 Topps Series 1 earlier this year, they got collectors buzzing with the first MLB-approved cardboard of a few big-name celebrities.

The same happened for Series 2, but when the company released it’s 5×7 version of the entire set late this summer — a set only initially sold on — it snuck in five more celebs, making the total jumbo release 30 cards.


Among the unannounced additions found exclusively in the jumbos were Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Jon Lovitz, Elle Fanning and a card shared by rappers Fat Joe and Bun B seen taking first pitch instructions from the Houston Astros’ mascot, Orbit.

The jumbo set was released in three versions — all serial-numbered — and all include the bonus cards. The rarest is a Gold set limited to only 49 serial-numbered copies ($99.99), while a Black set is limited to 199 copies ($49.99) and the standard set is limited to 499 ($24.99).

Some collectors have broken up these sets on eBay and sales of single cards from the Gold set have reached as high as $40 for a Jack White, while Eddie Vedder has sold for $35 and a standard card of Fanning sold for $30. Alba Gold cards have sold for more than $20, while White’s standard cards have pushed that high as well.

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