Wacky Packages coming in March with a new MLB theme & focus

16_Topps Wacky Packages-chicagocubsWhat: 2016 Topps MLB Wacky Packages
Arrives: March 9
Hobby box basics: Hobby Collector boxes include 14 six-card packs with one auto sketch or Relic, while Hobby boxes will include 24 10-card packs. 

What’s buzz-worthy: What happens when you take the twisted takes of Wacky Packages and add Major League Baseball? Well, we’ll soon find out with this one with parody cards of products (the traditional for the long-running card brand) along with twists on baseball’s teams (major and minor), food and events. What makes this one a draw for baseball fans? Autographed cards of players and team mascots — though no checklists for those were revealed by the company.

See a small gallery and more … below.

16_Topps Wacky Packages-RedSoxThe Basics: The deluxe hobby boxes will include Grass-border parallels, Sepia parallels and Black Ludlow back cards in every pack. Tougher finds will be Gold parallels limited to 25, Reds limited to 10 and Lumber limited to five. Artist autos will be rare — limited to five — and even rarer will be printing plates. … For the hits, there will be Mascot Autos and Active Stars Autos and each of those will have a 1/1 Red parallel. Memorabilia cards will include Stadium Seat Relics and Ticket Relics — both also with Red parallels.

>> Click here to view the sell sheet for even more details and also to pre-order

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