Topps updates Fire wall art to include stars & notable rookies

2015ToppsFireUpdateSeagerThe season’s not yet over, but Topps has already updated one release that captured the attention of some collectors this year.

A second wave of prints for the 2015 Topps Fire print line, which features art by Tyson Beck, is in the works and already for sale on with standard prints starting at $29.99 and rarer Gold prints starting at $99.99.

2015ToppsFireUpdateSeagerDonaldsonAmong the 14 players in this release are American League MVP candidate Josh Donaldson, American League Rookie of the Year candidate and Topps-exclusive Carlos Correa, Joc Pederson, Billy Hamilton, Max Scherzer, Paul Goldschmidt, Kyle Schwarber and Corey Seager to name a few.

More details on production quantities — and perhaps a 5×7 card set (update: click here) — are still to come, but here’s a sample gallery of the pieces.

UPDATE: To add even more buzz to this release, Topps Bunt — the company’s digital card app — will include these cards as inserts along with five more retired players. Collectors who land all of the cards will receive a Bunt bonus card of Hank Aaron.

1. Paul Goldschmidt
2. Addison Russell
3. Jake Arrieta
4. Kyle Schwarber
5. Billy Hamilton
6. Todd Frazier
7. Carlos Correa
8. Corey Seager
9. Joc Pederson
10. Byron Buxton
11. Felix Hernandez
12. Josh Donaldson
13. Max Scherzer
14. Noah Syndergaard

15. Mariano Rivera
16. Ken Griffey, Jr.
17. Willie Mays
18. Duke Snider
19. Hank Aaron

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