Will Eric Hosmer’s hustle lead to hobby gold? + 5 more Royals to know


The Kansas City Royals are your World Series champions with a cast of younger veteran players who have all-around skills but perhaps not one overall superstar who is a hobby darling.

2015WorldSeriesLogoBut thanks to Eric Hosmer‘s hustle on a ground ball in the ninth to tie it and a five-run rally in the 12th, the Royals wear the crown this year in MLB.

Hosmer has arguably the most potential in the hobby with a good amount of 2008 USA Baseball and other prospect cards predating his MLB card arrivals in 2011. Overall, he has more than 1,500 unique cards and more than 300 certified autographs for collectors to chase. They’re not overly plentiful like some stars from that timeframe, but they are out there. If you can’t land some of his USA ink, look for the affordable autos in 2008 Razor Signature Series. He’s there because he was a Razor exclusive before his Topps autos arrived in 2011.

Keep reading for five more Royals to know.


Salvador Perez — The World Series MVP hit .364 in the Series but didn’t add any homers to the four he had coming into the final showdown. He can be found in 2010 Bowman and beyond. Not a ton of previous interest (meaning value) here, but that means there’s potential.


Alcides Escobar — The MVP of the ALCS kept up his steady hitting in the Series with six hits in five games along with a homer. His average wasn’t hot, but he did enough coming in that he should be noticed on cardboard in the short-term. He can first be found on cards back in 2006 when he was a Brewers prospect and his Rookie Cards are found in 2009 brands. He doesn’t have a lot of ink, either.


Mike Moustakas — Another USA Baseball guy, “Moose” had seven hits and three RBI in the Series. He should get some attention in the hobby now. We have seen his autos for nearly a decade as he arrived in Bowman, USA and minor league brands in 2007. Another player in that 2007 USA set? The Royals’ rally-starter Christian Colon.


Alex Gordon — Gordon hit just .222 in the Series, but his homer in Game 1 won’t be forgotten even if he potentially leaves Kansas City via free agency. He once owned the hobby with Rookie Cards that weren’t supposed to exist back in 2006 —  those iconic cards might have a resurgence in interest now that he has a World Series ring coming.


Lorenzo Cain — Like Escobar, his first cards are as a Bowman Brewer in 2006 since both were part of the Zack Greinke deal. He has very little cardboard overall — especially ink — and those are the ones to chase. Check 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition for a shot at early ink. This card blew up last year and is still one of few options.

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