Peanuts creator Charles M. Shulz not an easy autograph to find on cards

1991PeanutsPreviewCharles M. Shulz penned thousands of comic strips during the run of Peanuts that began in the fall of 1950 and ended in February 2000. On the eve of The Peanuts Movie arriving on Friday, something that will further drive interest in the adventures of an underdog and his dog — Snoopy and Charlie Brown — we started wondering about Shultz’ autographs.

His artwork — original pieces and signed sketches — are available at premium prices with the potential of some being fakes, but a certified autograph on a trading card is nearly non-existent. The only trading cards signed by Shulz are from a small 1991 Peanuts Preview set seen above where he signed one copy of each of the 33 cards in the set with those randomly placed into the boxes.

According to marketing materials for the set, which was released by Tuff Stuff, only 180,000 sets (3,000 cases) were released in the United States. That’s an autograph in roughly every 5,455th set (assuming perfect collation). It’s not a pricey set, but it’s also not a plentiful one, either.

Other than a cut auto from SuperBreak‘s The Bar released this year, there are no other certified autos of Shulz available.

Shulz died on Feb. 12, 2000, after a battle with colon cancer. His last original piece of artwork published the following day.

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