Five James Bond trading cards you should own as ‘Spectre’ arrives

The newest James Bond movie, Spectre, arrives in theaters today with the latest in silky smooth suits, fast cars, creative-but-lethal technology, big villains and everything else one has come to expect from the series that began back in 1962 and has spawned 24 movies since.

While there haven’t been quite as many Bond trading card sets, there have been plenty of interesting cards created by Rittenhouse Archives though the past few years with many of the incarnations of Bond reflected on autographs, memorabilia cards and standard releases that even the most-casual of Bond fan could appreciate.

Check out the trailer for the film above and keep reading for our choice of five James Bond trading cards that are worth a look.


2014 James Bond Archives Case Exclusives #DGJD Daniel Craig/Dame Judi Dench
This dual-autograph features the eighth and current James Bond, Daniel Craig, along with M, Judi Dench. This card was given to those who purchased nine cases of the 2014 James Bond Archives cards from Rittenhouse and it makes our list because it has something to go with Craig’s auto. While Rittenhouse has done an awesome job of getting him into sets — he can’t be cheap — his autograph is not the flashiest in the world. Dench only has a handful of certified autograph appearances. This card lets you land them both at the same time.


2002 James Bond 40th Anniversary Costumes #CC1
Back during the 40th anniversary of the Bond movies in 2002, Rittenhouse produced this card with a piece of a Sean Connery suit worn during the filming of Dr. NoSince he’s got very few certified autos (only cuts in celebrity-focused brands), a memorabilia card is your leading option for collecting, arguably, the most-beloved Bond and the star of seven films in the franchise.


2015 James Bond Archives Full-bleed Autographs #6 Halle Berry
With plenty of notable roles on her list of credits that includes a historic Best Actress Oscar, it’s Berry’s single run as a Bond Girl named Jinx Johnson that’s the reason she appears on just three different certified autograph cards. This card is the newest option for collectors to chase. There are a lot of past Bond stars who have signed, but she’s arguably biggest of them all.


2014 James Bond Archives Relics #JBR11 Aston Marton VB windshield
The memorabilia cards made by Rittenhouse have included the typical kinds of props as well as interesting ones such as cards and chips for Casino Royale. But there’s only one really big-time Bond relic making this list. It’s the windshield card seen here. Fewer than 200 copies of this one exist and, well, it’s as cool as the cars in Bond films. (Can’t find one? Press Pass recently made windshield cards in NASCAR sets — but those won’t come shattered.)


Any James Bond suit card … just to get started
There are a few options out there for casual fans to consider. If you can’t land a big-name auto (they’re pricey), you could consider starting with a memorabilia card of the guy known for his style while shaking things up.

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