Buzz List: Five NFL players to watch on Sunday

MariotaTennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota will have plenty of eyes on him on Sunday when he returns as the starter after suffering an injured knee ligament that had him out of action since Oct. 18. A good game could spark more interest and that might happen if his team’s game against the Saints turns into some type of shootout. A bad one could have people starting to wonder about the guy who went No. 2 overall in this year’s draft. (We all know QBs get a longer shelf life than other spots, though, right?)

Keep reading for four more guys to watch on Sunday.

TomBradyTRISTARTom Brady — We all know the Patriots’ QB is an established force and not a cheap autograph but his undefeated team faces the Washington Redskins, a team that’s been a bit of a mess. Buzz sees two potential things here — an impressive Tecmo Bowl-worthy rout or a shocking loss. Neither will dethrone his cardboard values but there’s always upside if they keep on winning all year long. (Pick off the cheap ones now if you can.)



Oakland WR Amari Cooper has been at the head of the class among receivers taken early in this year’s draft but he’s coming off his worst showing of the year in terms of yardage as the Raiders take on the Steelers. He’s scored a touchdown in every other game this season so this is a scoring week. A big game could spark even more interest from collectors and it seems like there’s plenty so far.


Packers RB Eddie Lacy heads into a game with the unbeaten Carolina Panthers averaging a paltry 42.6 yards a game this season. (For him, that’s paltry.) If he helps the Packers hand Carolina its first L of the year and does it in impressive fashion, he’s back. If not, well, we continue to wonder what the future may hold for his cards.


Remember back in 2008 when Darren McFadden owned the hobby when it came to Rookie Cards? He’s a tested veteran these days but he’s looked pretty good in Dallas after the departure of Joseph Randle. If you’re a fan of Run DMc then you might be excited by a big game. If you held onto key cards way too long, now’s the time to try and move them if he has a big game against the Eagles.

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