Who gets your single vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame this year?

1989-UpperDeck-KenGriffeyJrThis year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has been released by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America with 15 new names and several players who appeared on last year’s ballot but failed to get 75 percent of the votes.

Below is the ballot that all BBWAA members will receive. The writers can vote for as many as 10 players. Those who appear on 75 percent of all ballots cast will be inducted into the Hall. Your challenge here is a bit different.

On cardboard, there’s one no-brainer here — Ken Griffey Jr. — but there are others who once owned the hobby. But how do they fare today?

Unlike the writers, you don’t get to pick 10 players. You get to pick just one. 

Can anyone make the Hall based on the BlowoutBuzz.com ballot? We’ll find out about the real-world ballots on Jan. 6, 2016.

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