Dallas Cowboys & Star Wars join forces to rule the apparel universe

Star-Wars-Dallas-Cowboys2How ’bout them Stormtroopers? Or … maybe The Force is strong with them Cowboys.

Star-Wars-Dallas-Cowboys18I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Or … It’s a trap!

No, Coach Ackbar, this is the latest merchandising push from the Dallas Cowboys — a line of co-branded apparel meshing Star Wars and the famous Death Star. You can see all of it if you try to keep reading.

Do or do not, though. There is no try.

Star-Wars-Dallas-Cowboys4You can’t land these by staying on Target. Nor are they found only in a galaxy far, far away. They are available at The Official Pro Shop of the Dallas Cowboys starting at $15.99 for toddler T-shirts and up to $27.99 for selected adult shirts. The “Dallas Cowboys Star Wars Hugger” seen above is the priciest item at $29.99 — we’re still not sure what in the world galaxy a hugger actually is.


Officially licensed by the NFL, each of these items — see a full gallery below — pairs the Cowboys’ logos or name with the Star Wars imagery or it is found on the back of the shirt or cap.

The force that is America’s Team is clearly helping fuel the awakening (or maybe just some merchandising numbers) in advance of The Force AwakensWe also couldn’t help but notice that the lines lean pretty Dark Side, though. Does this make Jerry Jones The Emperor?

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