Need a reason to buy some new CDs? How about free autographs …

Jewel-Picking-Up-The-Pieces-CD-With-Autographed-Booklet-2133643_1024x1024Many of us live in an iTunes world, jettisoning the tangible plastic and paper of CDs for a simple download, but there’s one reason why you might want to consider returning to your collecting roots and have a CD in hand.

Sometimes they can come with free autographs.

Five-Finger-Death-Punch-Got-Your-Six-CD-With-Autographed-Booklet-2133332_1024x1024At least one major seller of music (CD, vinyl) sells autographed CDs of big-name (and small-name) artists with the help of the labels. For some releases bought from Brighton, Mass.-based Newbury Comics — a New England-based chain that also hosts signings and sells chain-exclusive variants in the comics and vinyl world at its 26 locations — fans can get a signed CD booklet in addition to the disc they bought.

And they don’t charge extra.

The Buzz has known about this one for years but has never pulled the trigger on buying any albums, despite some names Buzz would want in his autograph collection. Some of the artists and bands you might know in the autographed CDs section of Newbury’s website right now include Jewel, Shelby Lynne, Train, Five Finger Death Punch, Live, Buckcherry, Vanessa Carlton, Drive-by Truckers, Shawn Colvin, Godsmack, Hellyeah and Indigo Girls.

New ones are added all the time and there have been plenty more other names seen there in the past. A sampling of the CDs available signed right now can be seen in the gallery below.

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