You can get a Big Papi VISA — but it doesn’t come with a Big Papi limit

Twelve Major League Baseball players have granted their likenesses to be used as part of a prepaid debit card program that lets diehard fans have yet another card of their favorite and lets them show it off every time they make a purchase.

So, in other words, your Big Papi VISA doesn’t come with big-league cash — unless you put it there.

David Ortiz is among the players partnered with the True Stars Fan Club, an MLBPA-approved venture that promises baseball-related rewards and benefits to those who sign up for the program.

Product-CdPr-Offer-Craig_largeThe cards have a minimum opening balance to sign on as well as a monthly fee. (There’s also a cancelation fee for those who want a card and then want to cancel, leaving their card in mint unused condition once it arrives.)

Eleven other big-leaguers are part of the True Stars Fan Club — Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Phillips, Carlos Beltran, Craig Kimbrel, Felix Hernandez, Jimmy Rollins, Manny Machado, Nick Swisher, Pablo Sandoval, Salvador Perez and Yasiel Puig. Fans who sign up for the program will receive a poster showing their selected player featured on their card.

Among the Club’s stated rewards are travel sweepstakes, player events, live chats, autographed items and discounts on TSFC-partner merchandise. You can learn more about the program via its website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages.

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