Board Buzz: Five must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Nov. 16)

The Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

1 — “Yes, girls collect, too” One Blowout member shows off her collection of Atlanta Braves cards.

2 — The Big Question “How does your significant other feel about your collecting?”

3 — Retail Chrome Watch 2015 This week marks the arrival of 2015 Topps Chrome football cards and this thread looking for Chrome at retail has already been viewed more than 3,000 times.

4 — Watching Andrew Wiggins One of the NBA’s hottest rookies, Andrew Wiggins, has struggled this season and here are plenty of collector reactions.

5 — “Official Poverty Mailday Thread” Here’s a thread where the starter hopes to create a showcase spot for what Buzz prefers to call “Collecting on a budget.” (That’s what Buzz does.)

Have you spotted a hot thread? Tell us about it in a comment.

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