Pistons’ Andre Drummond is off to a historic start — but are his cards?

AndreDrummond2We’re 10 games into the NBA season and Andre Drummond is a player who hasn’t been out-performed by any other on the court this year.

Or the last 40.

The Detroit Pistons center is off to a start that definitely should have collectors considering his cardboard, which can be found beginning with 2012-13 products — you know, the year of Panini America’s high-end rookie back then, Flawless. (Yep, he’s in there.)


According to ESPN, his 185 points and 190 rebounds through 10 games are the most since Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar pulled that off in 1975-76. And, really, he’s slipping with that stat as his 20 points and 20 rebounds a game in his first six hadn’t been done since Wilt Chamberlain in 1970-71. (You might have heard of him, too.)

You should have heard of Drummond by now, too, as he was the ninth-overall pick in the 2012 draft out of UConn. He’s made his mark among that year’s rookies as a rebounder with 2,822 for his career — nearly 1,000 more than No. 1 overall pick and hobby favorite, Anthony Davis. For his career, Drummond has averaged 12.4 points and 12.1 rebounds a game, twice leading the league in offensive boards, a stat he tops everyone else in this year, too.

But cardboard? He seems modestly priced on eBay as his Flawless and other high-end (patch-auto) cards are concerned — at least compared to top basketball rookies’ prices these days. Just a single recently completed sale of a Drummond rookie-year card on eBay topped the $1,000 mark. The volume of sales on his cards topping the $100 mark is impressive, though. Right now he looks like a bargain.

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