See a NAR! sketch card come to life

NARIf you’ve collected non-sports cards in the last decade or so, then you know just how interesting a good sketch card can be. They come in all media and subjects, but they all have one thing in common.

Real hand-made art on a trading card that’s typically just 2.5 by 3.5 inches.

Buzz was buzzing around Facebook today and found this image of a work in progress by Julio Nar, aka NAR!, who has created some of the most-detailed sketch cards in the hobby. The card above is all hand-inked with various passes to add detail and color.

Nar2Once pieces are finished they can have so much detail and so much visual appeal that they can command some impressive prices online. If you haven’t seen one of these works, it’s something. Below you can watch how a two-card booklet-size piece comes to life. It’s just the second stage of color ink, but it’s impressive.

Obviously sketch cards with this much detail aren’t produced in high volume, but you never know if the box you open will have a gem like this one inside. It’s just one of the ways that non-sports boxes can offer amazing surprises that aren’t like the typical sports brands.

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