Today is Sock Tuesday and WWE legend Mick Foley is ready for you

SockTuesday1If you know who Mr. Socko is, then you know how this one is kind of a big deal.

Today is Sock Tuesday in Mick Foley’s world, and that means the WWE Hall of Famer is creating and signing Sockos for fans all day.

No, seriously.

Mr. Socko made his WWE debut in the segment with Vince McMahon seen here, but went on to be a mainstay in Foley’s matches, striking with veracity when the time was right after emerging from hiding. (In Foley’s trunks.)

For the next 12 hours or so at Top Rope Tuesday, Foley will be taking orders for a single sock. He’ll draw Socko and then sign it and a certificate. You can only get one Socko, and it will cost you $19.99.

For those of you who don’t know what this is all about? Well, it’s hard to explain without seeing the mix of violent intensity that was Mick Foley/Mankind/Cactus Jack. He’s a guy who once had an ear torn off during a match. But later he enhanced his career with the sheer stupidity of Mr. Socko and other comedic additions. It’s an epic combination — a legendary combination.

Think about it … Mr. Socko is so legendary that all these years later Foley is able to sell signed socks. That’s a unique item right there. How many other celebs could pull that off?

Buzz kind of wants one. If you’re a wrestling fan, you probably do, too.

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