Former Chicago White Sox organist’s gem headlines charity auction


If you want one reminder of how a day at the ballpark could be different from other sports, then you should look no further than the ballpark organ. You know, the one that would play jingles over the speakers during lulls in the action. It’s oldschool.

And, if you’re serious about MLB musical history, there’s an item on MLB Auctions that’s just for you.

OrganFor 40 years, Nancy Faust was the Chicago White Sox’ organist as well as a performer for the Bulls and Blackhawks. She was so well-known that when she retired in 2010 the team had a bobblehead night. (Buzz thinks you can see it at right in the image above.)

Among the items up for grabs via Chicago White Sox Charities right now is Faust’s personally used organ, which also has been signed.

It’s a Hammond Elegante Model 340100 and the opening bid is $1,000. Shipping? Well, that’s on you if you’re the winner — you have to pick it up at U.S. Cellular Field before Feb. 1.

According to the listing, bids can also be placed during the U.S. Cellular Field Garage Sale, which is Saturday (Dec. 5) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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