Ken Griffey Jr. Topps Vault auction comes with extra twist on contract

GriffeyKen Griffey Jr. is one of baseball’s all-time greats and an icon — the Mickey Mantle of the late-thirty somethings who grew up with the new wave of baseball cards that began with his arrival in 1989.

He’s got 630 homers — sixth on the all-time list — and more accolades than than most fans will ever know. But there’s one thing that a lot of fans may not know.

Just like his dad, his first game is George.


Most Griffey autographs look nothing like one presently being sold via the Topps Vault on eBay — it’s boldly signed “George K. Griffey Jr.” and it’s from 1993. It’s not his first contract with the company — it’s likely his third — but it’s an early one and definitely a signature that’s immensely rarer than all of those found on his 1,800-plus certified autographed cards out there.

How much is it? Well, not as much as you might think with seven or so hours to go before the auction ends. Click here for the latest number.

As a bonus, the extension also was signed by Sy Berger, who helped create the card world today. He helped create the 1952 Topps set at his kitchen table and signed players to contracts for decades after that.

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