Kobe Bryant retirement letters fetch big bucks — and are also reprinted

KobeLetterBuzz knew these would be a big deal — but not this big.

The night Kobe Bryant confirmed that this season will be his last, all 18,997 fans in attendance at that night’s Los Angeles Lakers game received a sealed envelope with a copy of his farewell letter printed with a facsimile autograph.

It turns out there are a few more people out there that want them.


The ensemble up top with a pair of tickets and two unopened letters? That sold for $1,000 on eBay. (No, seriously, go look.)

Other auctions have ended at $650. $600 and $575 while more than 70 other auctions have topped $400 and many more sold for just under that.

It’s so lucrative that some sellers have started selling high-quality reprints mixed in among the active auctions — so buyer beware there, too, if you’re a diehard Lakers or Black Mamba fan.

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