Stephen Curry’s Contenders Rookie Ticket is among many selling well

CurryContendersStephen Curry is the reigning NBA MVP on the defending NBA champions who are 19-0 to begin the season.

What is there to say? Not much other than the NBA’s win streak record is 33 set by the 1971-72 Lakers and that his Golden State Warriors ended last season with four wins — so you do the math. We all know the NBA record for most wins in a regular season is 72 set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls — so you do the math. Those are the bars that are set on the court — and it sure seems like it’s all or nothing is the expectation for the Warriors right now.

Those kinds of expectations are a good thing to have — just like an autographed Curry Rookie Card these days.

Curry’s autographs are easily found throughout the Panini America lineup of 2009-10 products after he was picked seventh overall in the draft, but the hard part now is actually finding the wax. Using Blowout’s inventory as one example, it seems that basic Panini, Classics (retail), Prestige (retail) and Contenders might be the easier boxes to land. (They are the only ones left in stock.)

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We’ll focus on 2009-10 Panini Contenders because the action there on Curry RCs has been strong on eBay lately and he has 13 different cards in that product. (Four of those are autographed, by the way.) The high sale recently on his Rookie Ticket? A mere $1,350 for a PSA 10 copy. The high price paid for a raw copy? That’s $416.77. A total of 26 other copies have sold for at least $130 in recent months on eBay.

Asking prices for the card as well as his other autos in Contenders are pushing as high as $1,149 for the standard card (graded) and for others in the product. The cheapest Buy-It-Now option right now is $525. Among those daring to run auctions live for the card without a minimum, those are pushing $200 with time remaining before close later today.

Keep in mind that Contenders really isn’t a high-end brand. Rare and high-grade copies of Curry’s National Treasures gems from that year have asking prices in more automotive territory — pushing $20,000. Will they be bought? Maybe, maybe not — but past ones have sold for as much as $15,000 and a handful more have topped $5,000.

There are far fewer copies of the elite cards, but the action — and volume sold — on lower-end cards is more volatile for even the unsigned cards. (At least until wax is totally gone.) At that point, we’ll truly be able to see things shake up more dramatically, though at these prices for Contenders — four autos per box — one should think that the supply is already running dry.

Demand for Curry won’t subside without some drastic things happening — off-court problems, injuries — so cards like the Contenders RC will be ones to constantly watch going forward just like the scoreboard and the standings.

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