Buzz List: Five 1990s rockers who need a certified autograph card

When the news broke that former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland had died at age 48 on Thursday night, the chatter online turned to the memorable songs of the band that was a memorable one for a stretch in the 1990s.

WeilandNaturally, Buzz wondered if he had any trading cards — knowing that rock n’ roll and cardboard have never really meshed in the past save for a few forgettable releases in the early 1990s. It turns out Weiland had a single cut autograph produced in modest quantity from a major company. In 2009, Upper Deck made 23 copies of a card with a cut auto. For the record, it’s in the 2009 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Cut Signatures set and just a single one had been sold in recent months. (Its low-quality image is seen here.)

That got Buzz brainstorming … which definitively 1990s rockers should have a certified autograph card?

NirvanaNirvana. The trio of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl have very different stories apart from each other but together they wrote a chapter of musical history that is distinctly 1990s. Cobain’s death in 1994 would mean only a cut autograph would be possible today. Grohl’s successes with Foo Fighters went far beyond Nirvana, meaning he might not be an easy autograph for a card company to land, while Novoselic has been active with not only music but also activism and politics.

CourtneyLoveCourtney Love. Cobain’s wife was one big part of the circus show that surrounded Nirvana, but her band Hole released three albums in the 1990s and two of them, Live Through This and Celebrity Skin, hold up pretty well still today. Her autograph would undoubtedly be of interest to those who remember grunge.


Eddie Vedder The lead singer of Pearl Jam has his own baseball card with the Topps First Pitch cards released earlier this year, so we’re halfway there. Pearl Jam released five albums in the 1990s, beginning with Ten in 1991, which has sold more than 10 million copies.  They’re still going strong so there would be obvious interest in autographs here.


Alanis Morrissette Her Jagged Little Pill has sold more than 15 million copies in the United States and has to remain a highlight of many in the decade. It’s kind of surprising she hasn’t ended up in a trading card set somewhere. And speaking of trading card sets, the iconic Rolling Stone covers have been digitized and sold as books so many times over the years … which trading card company will step up and get a deal done to make Rolling Stone Covers cards a reality?


Metallica. The lineup of this rock monster has changed some through the years but there’s no doubt that America’s most-successful metal band has plenty of potential on cardboard. It’s kind of surprising that the band hasn’t made its own trading card set considering all the other merchandise they’ve released. (They might be second to only KISS in that area.) They were well-established before the 1990s and have lasted far beyond that time, but they are a key part of the rock landscape.

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