Auction of rarest Star Wars comic book ever made will help raise money for Syrian refugees

VaderDownAs you may have seen here on The Buzz last month, this single copy of Star Wars Vader Down No. 1 sold for $3,739 on eBay. (No, really, go look.) Why? Because it’s estimated to be limited to only 12 copies and it was only available to dealers who ordered 4,999 copies of the standard book to get one.

Something even more impressive? An auction of a signed copy ending tonight (Dec. 6) will probably top that sale.

Artist Chip Zdarsky donated a signed copy of the book that’s being sold via 32 Auctions to help raise money to help bring a Syrian refugee family to Toronto where he lives.

After eight bids, the book sits at $3,000 (Canadian). It’s presently being graded by CGC so it will be in top condition for the collector who purchases it.

The previous sale of this issue last month was via Mile High Comics in real-estate rich Colorado, while a copy sold by a Michigan-based dealer before that one went for $3,999 via Buy It Now.

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