Love ’em or hate ’em, even Donald Trump’s autograph is making money

DonaldTrump2012LeafPopCenturyNo matter where you stand on politics and his opinions, there’s no doubting that Donald J. Trump is a money-maker.

Even in the collecting world, he’s a money-maker.

Trump appears on roughly 20 different certified autographs produced by Leaf Trading Cards back in 2011 and 2012 and they’re selling well as his campaign for president continues to generate headlines.

TrumpApprenticeAutoBuzz isn’t sure exactly when Trump’s cardboard leaped — his autographed cards once sold for less than $50 on some collecting sites — but now it’s tough to land one for less than $150. Most sold on eBay have been north of $200.

Trump appears on cards in the 2012 Pop Century release as well as the company’s Fans of Ali sets, which included autographs from celebrities who had ties or interest in legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Both products were hits-based, so boxes can be tougher to find.


They weren’t his first certified autographs, though, as his past television show The Apprentice had autograph and memorabilia cards (pieces of Trump’s ties — blue or pink) included in packs of a release from Comic Images back in 2005.

That set included 100 cards and there were five signers besides Trump. Autographs were found in roughly every other box with Trump’s being the rarest. The tie cards typically fell one per box.

Fewer of those cards have been on eBay of late and both types have sold for less than the Leaf releases.

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