eBay Buzz: Big bucks aren’t just tossed around for Bowman Supers

BVG9-1954-Bowman-Mickey-MantleWith Bowman Draft officially arriving tomorrow, eBay will undoubtedly be buzzing with the newest can’t-miss future stars’ first MLB cards.

But Bowman’s not just a big deal for high-grade Chromes and Superfractors. Vintage Bowman in top grade — like this 1954 Bowman Mickey Mantle — can generate some looks, too.

This card, in its grade, is a 1/1 specimen. It’s a card that can give any Superfractor a run for its graded money without any of those golden swirls or a dollop of autograph ink.


1954-Bowman-Mickey-Mantle-BackOf 525 copies of this card graded, it’s the only BVG 9. There’s only one 8.5, too. In fact, the most-common grade for this card is way down at BVG 3. Meanwhile, only 18 cards have graded between a BVG 7 and a BVG 8 in all those years since BGS launched.

All of those stats help reinforce just how uncommon this card is — it’s a gem that needs no serial-numbering or added ink to command attention.

So, obviously, the real question is … how much?

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One thought on “eBay Buzz: Big bucks aren’t just tossed around for Bowman Supers

  1. Ben December 9, 2015 / 8:58 am

    $18k seems low for such a gorgeous Mantle.


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