Grumpy Cat isn’t just an Interwebs force — Grumpy Cat also sells a boatload of comic books

Grumpy Cat is one of those things that, well, you either get or you don’t.

How else do you explain a cat with a few hundred-thousand Twitter followers, 8.2 million Facebook fans, countless YouTube hits and even more memes?

Don’t answer that — just consider that Grumpy Cat isn’t just an Interwebs force. Grumpy Cat sells comic books, too.

GrumpyCatComicsAccording to ICv2, the first hardcover compilation of Dynamite Entertainment‘s series has pre-sold more than 100,000 copies before its arrival in late February.

For comparison’s sake, in October there were only 14 standard books estimated to have cracked the six-figure plateau — all of the Marvel and DC super hero or Star Wars variety. Meanwhile this hardcover collection has a much higher ($12.99) price point than standard books. On the secondary market, some rarer variant covers have sold well, too.

Buzz won’t try to explain it. Instead, we’ll just offer a gallery of some past issues and alternative covers.

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