It’s officially awards season and Buzz’s Oscar picks are in …

Kanye-West-Taylor-SwiftHollywood’s awards season is here with the nominees for the SAG and Golden Globes arriving this week and the inevitable chatter about who might get an Oscar nomination on Jan. 15 heating up online.

ToppsOscarGood luck finding yourself Oscar cardboard, though, as cards showing Hollywood’s biggest honor aren’t all that common at all. In fact, they’re downright scarce even though countless Oscar winners themselves have appeared on cards. (At right is a 2005 Topps Chronicles card Buzz bets most of you have never seen.)

Because of that, we’re going with a different piece of awards cardboard above — you all remember that one and its 2011 Topps American Pie card, right? — as Buzz presents his picks for the top Oscars collectors need to know.

OscarGamble— Oscar Gamble. This style icon’s greatness can be seen on countless cards from his career but none of them can top this 1976 Topps Traded baseball card. Period. Buzz really wants this one to appear as a reprint with a certified autograph sometime, somewhere, Topps. Make it happen!


— Oscar Isaac. You’ll know him even better as Poe Dameron when The Force Awakens in eight days but he’s already a notable Oscar. You may not have seen as much of him as others in the barrage of promotions, but he plays an important role in the film. (No, Buzz, wasn’t on J.J. Abrams‘ advance list — Poe screams when his forehead is palmed by a hand in a black glove in a trailer. That’s got to be like important and stuff.)

OscarRobertson— Oscar Robertson. He’s one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA (25.7 points, 9.5 assists and 7.5 rebounds a game for 14 years) and he’s easily one of the most-overlooked legends, too. He’s also not been an easy autograph to land in the past, so he’s worth considering for the ol’ collection.

OscarDeLaHoya— Oscar De La Hoya. Boxing is seriously under-represented on cardboard, making notable stars like De La Hoya even more notable when it comes to certified autographs. He has less than 10 different autographs for collectors to consider.


— Oscar Charleston. This Hall of Famer was a star player and manager in the Negro Leagues for decades, dominating while on the field and prompting Satchel Paige to simply say “You had to see him to believe him.” He died in 1954 and appears on just one 1/1 cut autograph made by Topps back in 2004.


— Oscar The Grouch. Can you believe that there haven’t been that many cardboard appearances for this guy or Sesame Street through the years? Never fear, this Oscar can be collected via Funko Pop! and countless other pieces of memorabilia. 

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