Minimalist Ballparks & Ballpark Princesses are focus of sports fan and sports artist S. Preston

GiantsThey’re two distinctly different styles of art probably catering to different types of sports fans, but you should have no doubts about one thing — the works of S. Preston are the work of a sports fan. 

SPreston-RockfordPeaches“I won piano competitions, art competitions and mathematics competitions, but that didn’t matter because all I wanted to do was be in sports,” he writes on his website. “But as we all know too well, the dream of being a professional athlete is not for everyone, including me.”

Working with a broadcasting team led to a lot of time in stadiums and one day an old doodle led to an idea of drawing stadiums in the simplest ways possible — but noting the details sports fans can Identify with. “Minimalist Ballparks” was born. On the other end of the spectrum are his hand-penciled “Baseball Princesses” sketches of iconic characters little girls love with a simple twist and the simple idea that “girls can be baseball fans, too.”

Preston’s baseball posters of stadiums are licensed by MLB, which has given its approval for pieces showing aspects of new and old parks. The old Metrodome roof, the Comerica Park Tiger statue, the mile-high row of purple seats in Coors Field, the ivy at Wrigley Field … they’re all there and more.

He’s also branched out with some pieces showcasing memorable college football and NFL venues — Soldier Field, the home to the Lambeau Leap, the Rose Bowl, the Los Angeles Coliseum and even “Touchdown Jesus” are among them.

“There are many great sports artists and they can create great paintings of famous athletes with finest of detail and skill,” he writes. “But players and team logos are so engrained into the sports culture and too ‘on the nose’ for my liking. My style is different. I strive to eliminate the obvious, and instead focus on simplicity and clean design.”

You can see them all — and they all can purchased in a few formats — in the Collections section of his website. (The Baseball Princesses are only available as original pieces, not prints.)

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