Marilyn Manson’s first certified auto coming soon from Cryptozoic

soa-67-marilyn-manson-aSweet dreams are made of these if you’re a fan of the Antichrist Superstar.

It’s a certified autograph of Marilyn Manson — a first — and it’s coming in Cryptozoic‘s Sons of Anarchy Seasons 6-7 set scheduled to arrive on Dec. 23.

Manson played Ron Tully for six episodes during the final season, adding to his credits that include more than 20 roles in television and movies atop countless musical appearances as a performer or soundtrack inclusion.

soa6-7_boosterThe final two seasons for the show will be found in one series along with memorabilia cards and even more when it arrives.

Manson’s band has produced nine studio albums and several other projects with the most recent being The Pale Emperor released back in January. Their breakthrough album, Antichrist Superstar, came back in 1996 and went Platinum as did their follow-up release Mechanical Animals.

Who else will be signing? Check out our updated gallery and get more details from a previous post by clicking here.

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