First Buzz: 2016 Topps Stadium Club baseball cards

16_Topps Stadium Club Baseball-troutWhat: 2016 Topps Stadium Club baseball cards
Arrives: June 29, 2016
Box basics: Two hits in every 16-pack hobby box

What’s buzz-worthy: The hobby’s showcase brand for photography returns for another season with much of the same formula it’s carried for the last couple of seasons — a throwback collecting experience with touches of 1990s retro and modern releases.

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16_Topps Stadium Club Baseball-harperThe Basics:
 The standard set will include 300 cards and 25 base card variations each with parallels that combine to fall one per pack. This year, the parallels are gold foil, black foil, Black & White, Rainbow (/25), First Day Issue (/10) and Members Only (one per case). …

16_Topps Stadium Club Baseball-donaldson

Among the insert sets in 2016 Topps Stadium Club are Beam Team (one per box), which will have Gold (one per case) and autograph parallels limited to only five copies. Legends diecuts will be found one per box, while ISOmetrics will be two per box. Both will have rare Gold parallels that will be limited to 25 or fall one per case respectively. … Also in the insert lineup are the familiar Triumvirates with the same formula as last year — Luminous, Luminescent and Illuminator — along with Instavision and Contact Sheet cards. Instavision will be one per case with a Gold (/25) version, while Contact sheet will have White (/99), Gold (/50) and Orange (/25) parallels. … Collectors can also look for foil-stamped buyback cards from past Stadium Club releases.

16_Topps Stadium Club Baseball-sano

For autographs, there will be Black (/50), Gold (/25) and 1/1 Orange parallels for the standard sigs, while Lone Star Signatures will have a Gold (/10) and 1/1 Orange as well. Co-Signers return limited to only five copies and there also will be autographed buybacks limited to that same amount in 2016 Topps Stadium Club.

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