First Buzz: 2016 Rittenhouse Star Trek 50th Anniversary trading cards


What: 2016 Rittenhouse Star Trek 50th Anniversary trading cards
Arrives: March 2, 2016
Box basics: Two autographed cards per 24-pack box

What’s buzz-worthy: The 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series will be celebrated with an 80-card set that’s accented with a selection of inserts, parallels and autographs from actors in the series — including its pilot — as well as insert sets focusing on two of the series’ most-popular episodes. A selection of cut autographs will be included in the product as well, while color sketch cards will be found one per case.

Keep reading for more. We’ll have a full gallery of images here soon.

starTrekautos1The Basics: The base set will feature gold stamping and is diecut, while a 50-card “Mirror, Mirror Uncut” set will revisit the memorable episode with 100 photos and a 70-card “The Cage Uncut” insert set will examine that pilot episode. Other nine-card insert sets will include U.S.S. Enterprise concept art, Heroes of the Enterprise, “Mirror, Mirror” Heroes and an In Memorium tribute to Leonard Nimoy. He will also appear on case-topper cards. … Incentive cards for case-buyers include a Silver Signature auto of Nimoy for every six cases purchased, a dual of Nimoy and William Shatner for nine cases and an Archive Box with an extra “Mirror, Mirror” card of Marlena and a set of printing plates for one card in the product.

Among the deep list of signers in 2016 Rittenhouse Star Trek 50th Anniversary will be William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Grace Lee Whitney, Joan Collins, Teri Garr, Clint Howard, Yvonne Craig and Sally Kellerman. There will be Silver and Black versions of the autographs with one of each type in each box.  … Cut autographs will include Jeffrey Hunter, Susan Oliver and Jill Ireland among others.

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