Buzz List: Five NFL players to watch in Week 15

CamNewtonAs the season winds down (and fantasy season’s like Buzz’s are flat-out over), some players are in situations where it’s just about tallying their stats to see how it ends. Others have postseason potential, but for the stars on those teams — like the undefeated Panthers and QB Cam Newton — the expectations are set and they are set high.

With an undefeated team, it goes without saying that Newton is a player to watch this week and you should’ve been eyeing his Rookie Cards from 2011 for some time now.

Keep reading for four more players to watch …

Denard-Robinson— Denard Robinson This Jaguars RB will be getting more time with the injury bug biting at rookie T.J. Yeldon. Combine that with the fact that the Falcons defense can’t stop the run and that makes this look like a good week to look into Robinson’s 2013 Rookie Cards — or a good week to get rid of them if you sat on them too long. He’s got just 196 rushing yards and a touchdown for the season heading into this game — so it hasn’t been a good year for the former Michigan Wolverine.

McCarron— A.J. McCarron The Bengals QB gets his first NFL start and this might end up being the start of an interesting run on cardboard. The Bengals looked like a top team heading into the postseason before Andy Dalton’s injury. They’re still that team but with a new signal-caller and leader on the field. If the Bengals carry on and are more-successful than some felt they might be, then McCarron’s RCs from last season might get more attention. If the Bengals aren’t? Well, he might get all the blame.

Lockett— Tyler Lockett This Seahawks rookie WR had seven catches for 104 yards and two touchdowns last week but didn’t make our radar because there was another hot receiver on the roster in Doug Baldwin. Perhaps this spotlight-fight scenario is one to watch on cardboard, too. Lockett has 540 yards receiving and five touchdowns for the year, so maybe the last two weeks (13 catches, 194 yards) are the signs of something big to come in Seattle.

GordonMelvin Gordon A dark-horse pick. The Chargers rookie RB has probably earned the bust title this season with just 600 rushing yards and zero touchdowns to show for it this year, but the 15th-overall pick in the draft has looked (barely) decent at times in the last month or so. Maybe he’ll finally get a touchdown against the Dolphins this week and maybe that’ll be enough to get somebody, somewhere to take his cards off your hands.

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