Panini teases what could be most-unique memorabilia cards ever

ChickenRelicPanini America posted this photo online this weekend with a simple statement.

“Why did this chicken cross the road? That’s easy: To become a clucking cool memorabilia card in @paniniamerica’s upcoming 2016 Donruss baseball.”

If you’ve read The Buzz this past week, then it’s not a surprise — but here are more details.

1982-Donruss-The-ChickenThe card will be part of the 2016 Donruss Silhouettes insert series that’s primed for release in March. Why The Famous (San Diego) Chicken? Well, the pioneering mascot was included on a card in the 1982 Donruss set as well as in the 1983 and 1984 releases. The 2016 set will be taking a look back at the 1982 edition in a few ways.

It won’t be the first game-used memorabilia card for a mascot — it’s been done a handful of times in recent years — and if there is one (it looks likely) it won’t be the first autograph, either. Ten copies of the Chicken’s 1983 card were included as Recollection Collection buybacks in 2003 Donruss.

However, the potential for this memorabilia card might be unlike any other based on the contents of that box — and we’ll probably see the Chicken elsewhere in the Panini memorabilia lineup in other upcoming products based on that costume’s size, too.

Buzz can’t wait to see what hatches.

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