First Daisy Ridley Force Awakens Mystery Autograph redemption card sells for big bucks on eBay

2015-Topps-StarWars-Mystery-RedemptionA pair of 2015 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Mystery Redemptions have hit eBay since the set’s release on Friday.

And the first one has sold — for big bucks.

The card was initially announced as being for Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in The Force Awakens, but Topps unspoiled its spoiler by removing the reference to it being a card for her on the autograph checklist posted on its website.

So, how much did it go for?

The redemption sold for $1,200 via a Best Offer option. Really, go look.

After the film raked in an estimated $238 million in the United States and $517 million worldwide this weekend — both records — with Ridley as the unquestioned lead going forward in the future films, the price might seem light. Topps has not released details on just how many of the autographs will be made, but a first auto for a key character who has never signed before will not be a card that goes out of style.

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Wax boxes for Series 1 are also in short supply for the apparent demand with pre-orders being dramatically cut for many dealers. Meanwhile retail box odds are steep for autographs of any type.

The second copy of the redemption is still active on eBay with that one holding a $1,499 Buy It Now price. Update (Dec. 22): The second one has sold for $1,250.

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