Get out your time machine to land a Christian McCaffrey football card

ChristianMcCaffreyStanford’s Christian McCaffrey picked up The Associated Press College Football Player of the Year nod on Tuesday, becoming the first non-Heisman Trophy winner since 2009 to win the award.

But if you want his first football cards? Well, you’ll have to do some digging — because six years ago was the same year he made his debut on cardboard.

McCaffrey2014McCaffrey made his cardboard debut as a seventh-grader in the 2009 Razor Army All-American Bowl set (top) and then appeared on 31 different certified autographs in the 2014 Leaf Army All-American Bowl product (above). The cards are made for nearly all players involved with the showcase event.

The Cardinal running back finished second in the Heisman voting to Alabama’s Derrick Henry after running for 1,847 yards and eight touchdowns and catching 41 passes for 540 yards and four touchdowns this past season. He also thew for a pair of touchdowns and was strong on special teams where he averaged 28.9 yards per return and had a touchdown. McCaffrey’s 3,496 all-purpose set a new NCAA record as well for the Pac-12 champions.

His autographed cards have sold for as much as $225 for a 1/1 on eBay with most selling for between $20 and $75 depending on the types of cards from the product.

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