Buzz Collector Profile: Stacy Marlow aka @slmsolo

StacyBabeRuthStacy Marlow

Also known as: @slmsolo on Twitter
Website: No personal site
Location: Georgia
Work away from cards: Estate Manager for private family
Collecting since: 2012

Main focuses: Atlanta Braves — prospects, veteran/Hall of Fame autographs, in-person
BuzzProfiles-LogoHeritage autos, in-person sweet spot autographs, graded Bowman first-year autos

Favorite players/teams: Atlanta Braves — Chipper Jones, Craig Kimbrel, John Smoltz

Current collecting projects: Currently working on 2015 Topps High Tek John Smoltz auto rainbow/collection (needing two printing proofs to finish) and 2012 Bowman Sterling Lucas Sims rainbow

BradleyZimmerOne cool card I own: I received a Bradley Zimmer Bowman Chrome autograph from a break that I was in and set it on the counter to eventually take down to my card room. One (or both) of my kittens got ahold of it and chewed the corner and edges of the card. I was furious but decided it might be funny to have it slabbed/graded. It came back a BGS 3/10 and it is now one of my favorite cards!

One cool stat: I don’t have an exact number, but it’s interesting that certain players tend to “follow me.” Each year there has been one player that I tend pull very frequently. 2013 — Jaime Callahan (Red Sox), 2014 — Colin Moran (Marlins at the time), 2015 — John Smoltz


Best pull: That one is easy! My 2013 Topps Series 1 Ultimate Chase Babe Ruth Signature Swatch 1/1. Although not a Brave, it is by far the most-memorable card in my collection and the reason that I am so heavily involved in the hobby today. It is often a conversation-starter among other collectors and I never get sick of telling the story. This card was pulled as a redemption out of the first hobby box I ever purchased for myself — a $50 box purchased on eBay in March 2013. It is now a tradition to open a box of Topps Series 1 every year at spring training. I still have this card, although he lives in a safety deposit box. I have no plans of selling it at this time.

A fellow collector says: “Slmsolo is a very dedicated Braves fan and collector. She focuses both in her “Baby Braves” (prospects) as well as those from the glory years. An avid spring training visitor, she often collects base cards to get signed. Oh yeah, and there is the Ruth card, which doesn’t get flaunted as much as it should. She is just as happy helping people fill their own collections as she is getting card for her own.” — Robert Morris, aka @dalsubfan on Twitter

In her words: Collecting started out for me as a personal curiosity about why others around me spent so much time and energy in the hobby. It then developed into a “thrill of the chase” experience. The thrill comes in many forms from opening boxes searching for big hits, finding that personal collection card you have been searching for, or gifting a friend in the hobby a card you know they will love. Today I can say one of my favorite aspects of the hobby is the close friendships I have built with so many people. We all come from different parts of the world and lead very different lives, yet this hobby is the common thread that ties us all together (as cheesy as that sounds). Becoming a breaker with (and also with them over on was one of the highlights of this past year for me along with attending my first National Sports Collectors Convention. One of my goals for the future is to share my collecting experience with other women in hopes that this will become less of a male-driven hobby.

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