Iconic Sports Illustrated covers can be quite collectable & sometimes quite valuable, too (gallery)

SIcoverWillSmithIf you’ve watched any NFL games this season, you’ve likely heard the word “concussion” many times as the league has implemented new tests on players to help prevent future problems by assessing the here and now immediately following a hard hit.

On Christmas Day, a film about the issue of concussions in football called Concussion opens in theaters. You’ve probably seen the commercials for the film during NFL games.

Will Smith stars as Dr. Bennet Omalu, who discovered the degenerative brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. It’s a real-life issue that has affected more than 80 former players — many you’ve seen on football cards and might have collected. The movie is an important one and Sports Illustrated has Smith on its cover this week to discuss the movie.

Is it the first time a celebrity has appeared on the cover of the highly collectable sports magazine?

No, but it could be an iconic cover given the subject and the important subject matter — obviously it’s a notable item for an autograph hound to consider, too.

Buzz had been meaning to spotlight a run of SI covers worth collecting — and there are many ways one could collect the weekly magazine that has published since 1954. Debut covers are always coveted as are Swimsuit Issues and championship editions. There’s often a premium paid for newsstand copies without mailing label spots, too. Unlike cards, condition of magazines can make this niche more of a challenge.

Some can command big bucksespecially when graded — and they don’t have to be all that old to be in demand. In fact, sometimes they can be quite surprising. New debut covers can also sell well, but not always consistently. This can make for a fun collecting niche that has its challenge without necessarily high costs.

While Concussion brings a serious issue to light — and the film should help explain the issue to the masses — here’s a look at a few memorable past covers that one might consider adding to a collection.

Do you have a favorite or iconic cover you like? Tell us in a comment.

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