Old baseball cards become artwork for graphic design student

CardStadium2What to do with old common cards is a question and a challenge for many collectors, especially as they continue to pile up.

But for 19-year-old New York-based Blowout member Steven Verdile, aka Metsfan1121, the temptation to simply throw them away was thwarted when the graphic design student received an assignment in a 3D class earlier this year.

“We had to take items that we already had and aren’t typically used for art, and use them to create a 3D piece,” he wrote on a post on the forum. “I quickly thought about using my cards, and came up with an idea. I decided to make a baseball field, along with bleachers and a dugout, out of cards.”


CardStadium5The piece is about nine square feet — all made out of cards. Even the foul poles are cards … what looks to be 1990 Topps Traded.

“I had some serious experimentation with that,” he wrote. “In the end, the cards had to take a nice bath in some water in order to get them to bend nicely.”

The project took a few hours to plan before the construction began and then about 40 hours in all. It’s been on display as part of a different kind of card show — at a gallery — for the last few months. Now, though, the piece is back with the challenge of what to do with the cards. Again.

First up? Better photos.

“I’m going to have a friend of mine, a photography student,” he said, “come by and take better pics next week before its donated/sold/gone.”

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