You can snack like a big-leaguer thanks to MLB Auctions

MLB-auctionsBuzz thought he had seen it all when it came to game-used memorabilia until he visited MLB Auctions on Sunday night to find this.

It’s a snack container straight from the dugout of the Detroit Tigers this past season and it can be all yours.

How much? We’ll get to that … but first the details.


As you can see here on the authentication statement for item No. HZ935796 — officially a “Frito Lay container” in MLB Auctions parlance — this piece was taken straight from the Tigers dugout on Sept. 27, 2015, after a season in The Show.

Snacks2Buzz isn’t sure about the eating habits of Miguel Cabrera, Yoenis Cespedes, David Price, Buck Farmer, Justin Verlander and the rest of the Tigers, but we’d be challenged to find a more unusual item for a relatively low price.

So far four bidders have been drawn to the item and bid it up to $31 with six days remaining in the action. Shipping will cost you $15 no matter where the bidding ends — and if you’re an international buyer it’ll cost you $100.

And not a single snack is included.

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