Buzz Collector Profile: Jason Dean Martin — a Josh Fogg collector

FoggJason Dean Martin
Also Known As: @jasondeanmartin on Twitter (And everywhere else, too.)
Website: &
Location: Pennsylvania
Work away from cards: Territory Manager for PPG Industries
Collecting since: 1987

Main focuses: Josh Fogg and anything baseball including MLB, MiLB, NCAA and USA. Also errors and variations.BuzzProfiles-Logo

Favorite players/teams: Josh Fogg, Bobby Bonilla, Bryce Harper

Current collecting projects: Josh Fogg (including cards and memorabilia), 1991 Topps errors and variations

3940445_origOne cool card: 2003 Josh Fogg Donruss Elite Aspirations Gold 1/1 (BGS 8.5). It’s not the most-valuable card, but it is a 1/1 encased and graded by BGS and I know no one else will ever own it. The only thing that could make it more special to me is if I had pulled it myself.

One cool stat: I have 234/281 cards. Of the 47 I’m missing, at least 32 are 1/1s and most of the other 15 are Beckett Samples from 2003, which have not been verified as actually existing.


Best pull: It’s not a Fogg card, but my best pull is a Blake Rutherford 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Flag Patch 1/1 which was pulled from a hobby box ordered from Blowout Cards.

A fellow collector says: “I’ve known Jason for about 15 years, and he has been on his Josh Fogg collection as long as I can remember. I never understood why such the random player from his favorite team, until I started my own player collection. His dedication to go outside the box of just cards and move into game-used is something I admire. He’s always on the lookout for a way to add to his collection, since it’s tougher to come across new items with Fogg no longer playing. It’s rare that he’s able to add much anymore, but I get very excited messages any time that he’s able to.” –Kin Kinsley (@kin_kinsley)

In your own words: Of all the sets and collections I started and eventually let fizzle out over the years, my Josh Fogg collection is one that has never lost my interest even after his playing days concluded. I would love to have started collections of some of my other favorite players such as Bryce Harper or David Wright, but there’s no way those would ever come close to what I have accomplished with my Fogg stash. It may not be the most-valuable collection, but it’s probably one of the most-complete player collections in the world.

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