Buzz Collector Profile: Tanner Jones — aka Mouschi, a Jose Canseco fan

Tanner1Tanner Jones
Also Known As: Mouschi / Tan Man Baseball Fan / @tanmanbbfan
Location: Texas
Work away from cards: Website development
Collecting since: 1989

Main focuses: Jose CansecoBuzzProfiles-Logo
Favorite players/teams: Jose Canseco (on all his teams)

Current collecting projects: Ultimately, anything not yet on my list at including prototypes, samples, test cards, etc. My most-wanted cards are the 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold, 1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold and 1998 Donruss Crusade Red.

Tanner-gloveOne cool card (ok, item): I’d say this is my favorite “thing” — a game-used fielding glove with several inscriptions. Jose Canseco actually traded it to me.

Tanner2One cool stat: I have close to 500 game-used/certified autographed cards (not to count the 150-plus other autographs), and I have around 3,500 unique cards of Canseco. (A small sampling is below.) However, I would say the number I’m most impressed with is 2015 — the year I really put the pedal to the metal. About 95 percent of my collection has been obtained in this past year. Through hard work, lots of time and dumb luck, much of this has been accomplished, but above all else, what is most-impressive to me is the sheer number of collectors who have reached out to me this past year, through the forums, email or otherwise. I have been offered cards for my collection that I never would have been able to get had they not given me leads or offered to sell instead of trying to go elsewhere with them. Many have even sent me cards for free. I am absolutely floored by the generosity of people. If you are one of the people I’m talking about, I sincerely thank you. All this to say that I cannot say my collection is all my doing — achieving something so big, so fast would not have been possible without the community of collectors who have reached out to me.

Tanner-pullBest pull: I haven’t cracked a lot of wax that I have kept, so I would say my most meaningful pull happened back in 1987 (two years before I started collecting.) As a 7-year-old, we were visiting family friends and the son of my parent’s friend wanted to go to a card shop. I didn’t know about these, but I ended up getting a pack of 1987 Topps. Wouldn’t you know it? Canseco was in my pack. The boy I was with pulled a Todd Worrell. He begged to trade with me, but I said no for some reason. I’m glad I did. Two years later, I heard about this awesome player, and rummaged through my drawer to see if I still had the card. That is what got me started, I would say — and it’s been re-created a few times.


A fellow collector says: “He is extremely resourceful. I respect the drive and desire he has to build an elite Canseco Collection. He’s the new the Canseco supercollector on the block and is well on his way to becoming one of the top dogs. I am excited to see what he can pull off his sophomore year.” — Aaron Hurrelbrinck

In his own words: I started collecting in 1989, and took a break in around 1993-94. In the following 10-15 years, I grew up, got out of school, started a business, got married and had a kid. When I came back to the hobby, so much had changed. It has come a long way since Mom and Dad would get me a pack of 1989 Donruss or Score from the store each time they went grocery shopping. All the time people say “collecting isn’t what it used to be.” My first thought is “That is right. It is much better.” We have so many more options than we did in the 1980s. Not just current, but also past. More importantly, though, we have an amazing community of online collectors at Blowout that we can connect with daily. If you had time for it, you could talk to 100 other collectors and make 25 trades in a single day. We all have the opportunity to be creative with our hobby as well. We can collect what we want and how we want. We can also use this hobby we love to brighten someone’s day who is going through some difficult times. That is where our hobby shines brightest: When we look past our own desires to be generous and help others.

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