Does getting a 1/1 autographed yourself hurt the card’s appeal?

MatzinkOne Blowout member did something unconventional by most collectors’ standards and has sparked an interesting debate about collecting over on the forum.

He got his 2015 Bowman Chrome Mini Superfractor of Steven Matz autographed in-person. It’s since been JSA certified, yet he asks the question “Did I ruin this card?”

In a poll on the site, 55 percent of those who answered said it looks awesome but he killed the value of the card. Just 30 percent said it was a good idea and the rest say he ruined it.

Reactions in comments are just as varied, while the reality is that he’s enhanced the card. Buzz thinks it would look better in a JSA-BGS slab — then perhaps more prospectors would be more accepting of it.

The only way that this card is ruined is … it ain’t. However, it could make it harder to sell to some people since there’s ink on there that wasn’t attached when it came from a pack. To call the card ruined with an authentic autograph is a bit oldschool — however, the debate of whether it get it signed is valid.

Had the autograph not come out cleanly, it would be one to regret.

“Why wouldn’t you get a base card signed instead?” asked member kyleuk21. “If I were a player, I’d refuse to sign a 1/1 if someone handed it to me. If I collected Matz, this would be painful to look at regardless of the look of the auto.”

While there’s logic there, a 1/1 signed card still has to have a lot more appeal than a standard card. In fact, the notion of its value being destroyed should be destroyed by this thought. It having third-party authentication helps immensely.

Reality on all this? You can do whatever you want with your cardboard.

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One thought on “Does getting a 1/1 autographed yourself hurt the card’s appeal?

  1. Ben January 6, 2016 / 12:13 pm

    There should be a poll option for it did nothing to the value of the card. Autos are personal, especially when obtained in person. Their value is really in the eye of the beholder. Just as is the value of any card, let alone a 1/1.

    Some people will dig it; others might pass it up. But ultimately it really
    Only takes one person to decide the value of the card.

    I’d like to know the logic of the person who obtained the signature and why he chose this specific card. I he has no intention to sell, then this entire discussion is pointless.


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