Buzz Collector Profile: Austin McPherson aka @texmcpherson

McPherson1Austin McPherson
Also known as: @texmcpherson
Location: Iowa
Work away from cards: Server
Collecting since: 2012

Main focuses: Working on my Buster Posey personal collection and also autographs of stars, semi-stars and prospects.
Favorite players/teams: The Cubs 100 percent! My grandpa was destined to have me be a Cubs fan since birth. Aside from that, the Bryce Harper hype is what got me back into collecting, so I show some favoritism there also. But, as most of the Blowout members should know, my favorite player of all-time is the almighty Buster Posey.

Current collecting projects: Nothing specific currently. Just trying to obtain any Buster Posey autos that I don’t have, slowly but surely. He’s not the cheapest player to collect, so I usually only get two to three autos of him a month. It’s fun and I’m always preoccupied.

McPherson3One cool card: This is a card that I would label as priceless. Back in 2012 shortly after I started collecting, I saw in a Beckett article that Brad Ziegler, as a player, was also a collector and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. And anybody that knows me knows that I don’t have any interest in TTM autographs but at the time I thought it would be awesome to send him a card to be signed. It was spring training, so I Googled their spring location and sent him the card along with a letter showing my excitement knowing he was a fellow collector. Long story short, I received the card signed and have it to this day and it won’t be going anywhere. Thanks again, Brad!

One cool stat: 37. I have 37 different Bryce Harper rookie and pre-rookie cards. This is only Topps products, so I’m still missing a decent chunk of pre-rookies and rookies, but I have acquired a good amount. I was working on this project during his hype and then slowed down on it quite a bit.

Mcpherson2Best pull: I bought into a random group break of 2015 Bowman Inception, hoping to get the Cubs and got the White Sox. Just hoping to get a Carlos Rodon auto or a numbered auto, I ended up hitting a Tim Anderson 1/1 auto!

A fellow collector says: “Texmcpherson is one of my favorite members on Blowout. Although he is a Cubs fan, he is very nice and generous, as well as trustworthy. Additionally, his collection is very nice, too. His Posey cards are top-notch, and he has a very nice variety of high-end cards, including a Chris Sale patch autograph that I’d love to have.” — Homerun

In his own words: Collecting is much more than expensive cardboard to me. It is a very fun hobby that is very enjoyable and informative. Being on Blowout and being able to share my stories, interests, concerns, knowledge, etc. has made even that much more fun. I have a blast with the guys on the boards, and I’ve have not once gotten bored with it. There’s so much to do and to learn — I don’t know how you could grow tired of it. One of the funniest stories I have regarding the hobby is when I accidentally had my old address set up on my PayPal and had a card sent there. Again, long story short, I left the guy a note because he wasn’t home when I knocked and he ended up turning it over to the police. He apparently found it threatening and stated that he thought it was something along the lines of a bomb and I had to have a police officer deliver my package to me. Definitely a change of scenery compared to a postman.

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