So, that’s a nice Steph Curry National Treasures card … but $149,999 nice?

We should all know by now how good Stephen Curry is by his play on the basketball court.

But maybe we should look at his basketball cards, too.

The reigning league MVP and leader of the defending NBA champs has been hot on cardboard for a while now. How hot? Well, you might call it new-car hot as his high-end rare cards are often priced in small-new-car territory.

This card isn’t an example of a sale — it’s an example of the big asking prices that rare high-end, high-grade key cards of key players in today’s NBA can command.

The asking price for this one and one other card from 2009-10 Panini National Treasures?

A mere $149,999. (No, seriously, go look.)

Will it sell for that much? Of course not.

When it comes to key cards like this one, though, there have been plenty of outrageous sales and there are only so many to go around. (Take a zero off and then this card is more likely to sell — maybe.) 

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