Buzz Collector Profile: Gary Fisher aka “The Sting Card King”

garyfisher1Gary Fisher
Also Known As: @shinnox on Twitter
Location: Ohio
Work away from cards: games and graphics design
Collecting since: 1990-1999, 2011-present

Main focuses:
 Autographs, memorabilia cards, oddball cards.

Favorite players/teams: Sting and wrestling in general.

Current collecting projects: 2010 TNA Xtreme Green /10 S-T-I-N-G name plate (I still need “S” and “I” so if anyone out there as these, please contact me.)

GaryFisher2One cool card: Without a doubt the coolest card I own, and what I consider my holy grail. It’s an actual used facepaint card. There was another type of paint card before this, but this one has actual used paint taken directly from Sting’s face after a match. To make it even cooler, it’s of his red and black paint, which he didnt wear very long.

One cool stat: I have 544 unique Sting cards. Here’s a breakdown — five sketch cards, 12 magazine cards, 45 game/playing cards, 44 promo/other types, seven custom cards, 13 1/1 cards, 137 parallels, 147 base (all of them), 40 autographs, 54 memorabilia, eight auto memorabilia and all 40 of the Sting Topps Tribute cards.

GaryFisher3Best pull: My best Sting PC pull was a 2010 TNA autograph 25/25. Outside of that, my best pull was a Hulk Hogan 1/1.

A fellow collector says: This man has most if not all of the base, insert, autographs, plates and memorabilia for WCW, TNA and now WWE. He not only has cards and memorabilia made in the United States, but has some limited and one-of-a-kind international cards as well that truly make this collection a one for the ages. Once you see what this man has, I think you’ll agree that this man should be dubbed “The Sting Card King.” — Matt Loving, aka @cardcollector84

In his own words: I’ve been collecting off and on most of my life. I first got into cards around 1990 when Ken Griffey Jr. was the hottest thing to collect. He was my favorite player and some kids brought some cards to school one day and that pretty much sparked my interest enough to go get some packs. I remember the first pack I got on my own — I hit a Donruss Diamond Kings card of Griffey. … I was always into wrestling, thanks to my dad and grandpa. The first time I saw Sting was when I was about 5 years old. I had started to collect his figures, posters and such but it wasnt until around 1996 that I discovered that wrestling cards existed. A friend of mine had some 1991 WCW Impel cards of Sting and I traded him a ton of baseball and football cards for them.

After discovering Blowout’s forums, someone posted a TNA New Era shirt card of Sting. I had no idea that wrestling relics existed (or that they still even made wrestling cards for that matter). I made the purchase, which led to more. Soon after, I gave up on football and other cards and mainly focused on Sting. … It’s been a labor of love for sure. I enjoy collecting very much and I have met some of the nicest people online and have made quite a few friends. Thanks to the Internet and cool people online, I’ve been able to track down and find cards I thought I would never own. It’s cool seeing my kids get into cards. My wife even collects!

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