First Buzz: 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards

16_Topps Allen Ginter Baseball-harper-baseWhat: 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards
Arrives: July 20
Box basics: Three hits in every 24-pack hobby box16AGBB_SS_0000_KINSELLA

What’s buzz-worthy: “If you rip it, he will come” is a possible line here as Kevin Costner‘s character in Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella, gets the movie-style nod on Costner’s certified autographs. Other surprises in this one? Roman coin Relics … otherwise the 2016 edition is much like the 10 past releases of this heavily collected retro-styled brand.

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16_Topps Allen Ginter Baseball-schwarberThe Basics: There will be a combination of three autographs, Relics, framed buybacks, book cards, Rip Cards or cut autos in every box. … The base set will consist of 300 base cards capped by 50 short-printed cards just as in recent years with every card having a mini parallel. The minis also will have A&G back, Black, no-number, Brooklyn (/25) and 1/1 glossy and Wood parallels along with printing plates. For 100 cards there will be a mini metal parallel, while 150 cards will have cloth versions limited to 10. Base cards this year will also have a 1/1 glossy version. … Preliminary checklists were not released.

16_Topps Allen Ginter Baseball-troutFor the hits, there will be standard Relics with two designs — a crop of about 120 players total — with another 50 framed Relics. The Roman coin Relics will be hobby-only while a silver coin parallel will be a 1/1 find. Autographs this year will come framed as always with a black-framed parallel (/25) and a /10 red-ink version to chase. … Framed original buybacks will be 1/1s. …  Book cards will be made for as many as 50 players with each limited to only 10 copies, while cut autos will be 1/1 creations. Rip Cards will be back one per case with Double Rip Cards also possible. Inside Rips will be original art, Red autos, mini exclusives, mini Wood (1/1) exclusives and mini Metal (1/3) exclusives.

16_Topps Allen Ginter Baseball-cabinetBox-toppers will be back with Cabinet Relics like above with box-loader cards coming in standard, auto, Relic, auto Relic and cut auto versions. … Standard inserts will include The Numbers Game (100 cards about players’ uniform number choices), Baseball Legends and Natural Wonders (in nature, not on the field). … Mini inserts will spotlight notable U.S. mayors, subways and streetcars, laureates of pac and ferocious felines.

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