Buzz Collector Profile: Mike Moynihan aka Moyni

MoyniMike Moynihan
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Financial planner
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Main focuses: I collect Hall of Famer autos and Hall of Famer game-used cards. I also have big Josh Hamilton (almost 2,000 different and more than 100 1/1s) and Ivan Rodriguez (more than 2,500 different with 60 1/1s) player collections. I also have every Topps base set from 1973 to present as well as a bunch of Topps Heritage sets.

Favorite players/teams: Texas Rangers are my favorite team, and I am a big Josh Hamilton and Ivan Rodriguez fan.

Current collecting projects: I am trying to complete the 2015 Panini Immaculate Accolades Materials set. I only need one more card — the Babe Ruth /5.

MoynicoolcardOne cool card: I have a 3×5 card signed by Lou Gehrig and Tony Lazzeri along with a couple of other Yankees. Always loved and admired Lou Gehrig and to get a piece with Lazzeri on it too was awesome.

One cool stat: Over 1,200 HOFer Autos total with 199 different.

moynibestpullBest pull: I opened a box of 2012 Playoff Prime Cuts several years ago. Nothing of note at the time, but I was going through some boxes last year and found that I had pulled a Kris Bryant Auto Relic /199.

A fellow collector says: “My major hobby focus for the last couple of years has been on my Hall of Fame auto collection. My desire is to get one Hall of Fame autograph of every player that ever lived. I have made tremendous progress and have approximately 130 players collected. Feeling pretty full of myself, I started a collectors thread to show off my collection as well as to see what other people had amassed. It was at that time that Moyni contacted me. Moyni lives in my area and asked me if I wanted to meet and show off our cards. … I gathered my Hall of Fame collection and set off.

“Upon arrival, I stood at his door like a nervous boy on prom night afraid of what dad might be like. Would he approve? … I nervously knocked on the door and a bearded fellow opened it. He glanced quickly at my extensive collection that I was holding in my arms and said with obvious disappointment in his voice “Is that all you have?” … Even though I had obviously disappointed the gate-keeper, for some reason he still granted me entry and it took all of one minute to see why I had been deemed inadequate. My collection rendered me a pauper to his emperor. …

“I have a habit of constantly searching and upgrading my autos. I want only one copy of each player and routinely find a card that I like better and sell the old one. Moyni is unable to do that. Don’t get me wrong, he is constantly searching and buying, but he is incapable of selling — he just keeps everything. I won’t go into details on the collection as I will let him do that but will say that I was very impressed and look forward to seeing each new piece that he adds to it.” — Jarod, aka jmscoggin

In his own words: I am a pure collector. I do not sell cards from my collection. I am not into trading at all. I buy what I like and it is in the personal collection to stay. I like having so many aspects to my personal collection because it keeps it fresh and I can always find something I want to add. I have even recently been having customs made with boring 3×5 HOFer autos and making a unique set tailored after the 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes set. I have 20 done already with another 24 being built right now. I hope to have more than 100 when I am done

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