Magic Johnson & Larry Bird Rookie Card commands big cash on eBay

$_57It’s the Rookie Card of two NBA icons sandwiching a legend. It’s a relic from the past days of simpler cardboard from toward the end of the early Topps era. It’s a piece of cardboard perfection with all the flaws you’d expect from its time — and that’s got nothing to do with condition.

And this card in this condition? Well, it’s a $27,000 card after selling on eBay earlier today.

The Larry Bird-Julius Erving-Magic Johnson 1980-81 Topps card is one that’s expensive — though nowhere near what it used to be — when not graded. However, the possibilities become way more impressive if it’s in top grade. This one has been slabbed cleanly by PSA 5,516 times — and another 1,728 times with added qualifiers.

Of those, just 19 copies have received a PSA 10 — and that’s why it was such a big hit on eBay today.

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