Chip Kelly has a new job — will it add to demand for his Rookie Cards?

ChipKellyChip Kelly is your new coach of the San Francisco 49ers after two tumultuous seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles but none of that — the good or the bad — probably matters when it comes to his Rookie Cards from 2015 Panini Contenders.

Why? Because they’re already selling.

A Playoff Ticket parallel of the former Oregon coach that was limited to 49 copies sold for $50 on eBay to set the high mark, and that was perhaps a bargain as standard versions of the card have sold for $44.69 and $42.25 plus shipping in recent auctions. Four others have also sold with the lowest price paid being $28.99.

Among active auctions, the prices are steeper with a Championship Ticket (/25) parallel at $249.95 on the high-end with $75 being the lowest Buy-It-Now price.

He’s one of five NFL coaches whose autographs can be found in Contenders. The others are Dan Quinn (Falcons), Chuck Pagano (Colts), Bruce Arians (Cardinals) and Sean Payton (Saints).

Each of the coaches has a Ticket, Cracked Ice Ticket, Playoff Ticket, Super Bowl Ticket, Championship Ticket and printing plates versions for collectors to hunt down.

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