Batman vs. Superman will make its way onto NASCAR track & diecasts

C48682XL4JJ_18-1If you don’t remember seeing anything about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice on TV or anywhere else, you might need to check your pulse.

One more place you’re going to be seeing more of the DC Comics powers before the movie arrives is on the NASCAR track and on diecast cars from Lionel Racing, which teased the forthcoming cars this week. The No. 48 Chevy of six-time champ and NASCAR’s Clark Kent, Jimmie Johnson, will take on the role of Superman.

C88682XN7EJ_64-1The Batman role will be played by multi-time most-popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his No. 88 Chevy. The Hendricks Motorsports teammates will have apparel and other branded merchandise for these designs but their diecasts will be where the collector focus probably hits the hardest.

Their stock cars will be found as 1:24-scale Lionel Elites on the high-end and as 1:64-scale on the low-end. You can see them all here.

The movie opens on March 26.

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