Are you a snowed-in collector due to Winter Storm Jonas? Don’t blame these guys … collect ’em!

BlizzardIf you’re in certain parts of the U.S. as you read this, then you’re snowed in thanks to Mother Nature and Winter Storm Jonas.

It will probably give you some time to consider collecting some new players.

Maybe Brett Blizzard is an option — he had a pretty decorated college career but never made it to the NBA. He did have cardboard, though, and he’s still playing overseas.

But he’s not your only option …

Snow-ALProfessional wrestler Al Snow — the pride of Lima, Ohio, and a veteran of WWE, TNA and any other place that needs a former J.O.B. Squadder.


Maybe you like vintage football? Then Jack Snow is your guy.

icemanLike Hall of Fame-caliber hoops? Collect George “Iceman” Gervin, a San Antonio Spurs icon. (Never to be confused with another Texan — Iceman King Parsons — who Buzz couldn’t find on a wrestling card.)


Need newer basketball? Eric Snow then.


Ok, maybe you like hockey. Go with Garth Snow.


Prefer baseball? Ok, try Jack Snow’s kid, J.T. Snow — a six-time Gold Glove winner.

SNow-percyLike to collect errors and variations? Look for both versions of Percy Snow‘s card from 1990 Pro Set. 


Memorabilia cards more your thing? Track down the Storm Relics from Topps’ past X-Men sets. Cool your jets there, comic fans … Halle Berry never signed any autographs for those.

stormdavisBack to baseball and there’s the affordable Storm Davis. His Rookie Card here is 1983 Topps.


Like college football from the 1990s and the midwest? Then you probably remember Scott Frost.


Or maybe you like to collect minor-leaguers … Brady Frost is one of your possible options from the 1990s.


If you need something newer, Storm Johnson is an option from the football field.


Back to wrestling, James Storm is an option — though he’s not alone … and probably not th best Storm in ringside history.


That’s probably Lance Storm, kids.


Maybe you like collecting from the ice. Jonas Hiller, maybe?


Or Jonas Gusttavsson — goalies are pretty popular.  … Or maybe you want to go non-sports?


How about the Supernanny, Jo Frost?


Or rapper-singer-actor Ice-T?

icemanXmen  Maybe we go comics again … with Iceman from the X-men movies?emmafrost

Or maybe with the White Queen herself, Emma Frost?

And now for a public service announcement … 

We just want you to know this storm is not the fault of Don Jonas, Jonas Almtorp, Jonas Andersson, Jonas Andersson-Junkka, Jonas Anhelov, Jonas Bergkvist, Jonas Bergqvist, Jonas Bjorkman, Jonas Blixt, Jonas Brodin, Jonas Elofsson, Jonas Enlund, Jonas Eriksson, Jonas Esbjors, Jonas Fiedler, Jonas Finn-Olsson, Jonas Floberg, Jonas Forsander, Jonas Forsberg, Jonas Fransson, Jonas Frogren, Jonas Gray, Jonas Gustavsson, Jonas Gutierrez, Jonas Hagerback, Jonas Hakansson, Jonas Hamlin, Jonas Hansson, Jonas Heed, Jonas Hemming, Jonas Hiller, Jonas Hoglund, Jonas Holos, Jonas Jennings, Jonas Jerebko, Jonas Johansson, Jonas Johnson, Jonas Johnsson, Jonas Jonsson, Jonas Junkka, Jonas Junland, Jonas Lanier, Jonas Larsen, Jonas Lennartsson, Jonas Leven, Jonas Lewis, Jonas Liwing, Jonas Lofstrom, Jonas Mouton, Jonas Nordqvist, Jonas Olsson, Jonas Olsson, Jonas Ronnqvist, Jonas Rudberg, Jonas Salk, Jonas Soling, Jonas Stopfgeshoff, Jonas Svensson, Jonas Thern, Jonas Valanciunas, Jonas Westerling, Oliver Jonas, Pete Jonas or Sebastian Jonas.

(Most of them — but not all of them — are hockey players.)

Buzz isn’t sure about The Jonas Brothers, though.

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